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Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine

Foreword by Julian Scott

Donica, 2011 

352 pages plus DVD - 96 illustrations


Book content

Children correspond to spring, to dawn, to the rising of yang within yin, to wind. Their qi is characterized by impulsive, rapid, sudden movement that is also a feature of any changes in their state of health  young children fall ill very easily, yet respond just as readily to treatment.

Chinese medicine, which considers illnesses as manifestations of an imbalance in the body’s energetic system, is very effective in making resources available that are important in enabling the child to grow up in a more harmonious and beneficial way.


Main features

  • Comprehensive introduction to the unique benefits of Chinese medicine in treating children’s disorders, with a detailed description of etiology, pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment stratagems according to TCM principles.

  • Clearly illustrated presentation of the main tuina sequences and acupuncture points.

  • Practical examples of the application of treatment principles and in-depth analysis of 18 case histories giving a useful insight into an assortment of clinical conditions.

  • Extensive discussion of the relationship between practitioners and young patients (and their parents) and of the difficulties and rewards experienced in clinical practice.

  • Suitable for all tuina and acupuncture practitioners and for all those interested in treating children in a non-invasive manner.

  • The accompanying DVD offers a vivid illustration of day-to-day work, demonstrating the use of tuina and acupuncture on child patients in the Xiaoxiao pediatric clinic.

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