The encounter with the patient: sparkles and traps  

The workshop/webinar is meant both for experienced colleagues and for beginners

We work with illnesses and suffering, it is a delicate matter: the encounter of patient and practitioner requires a specific attention.  

The Classics have given great attention to it – quotations will be discussed in the seminar.  

The workshop focuses on the process of co-building a working alliance and discusses some main features of the therapeutic relationship to improve therapeutic results:  

 emotional, mental, physical space of the treatment

 management of time, requests, money, third parties

 dynamics of transference, empathy, neutrality

 perceiving qi and working with different patients

 clinical interview: use silence and words

 facing deep emotional movements stirred up by needles

 yin attitude in treatment  

 changing dysfunctional habits

 practitioners’ needs/motivations in choosing their profession  

The workshop is based on clinical cases and problem solving training method.  

Based on the book: Elisa Rossi, “The Therapeutic Relationship in Acupuncture”, Noi Edizioni, 2021

(Engish version being published)