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ART babies & Chinese medicine - Xiaoxiao Project


More and more babies are conceived via ART (Assisted Reproduction Techniques).

Acupuncture is often used before and after the embryo transfer to increase pregnancy rates, promote implantation and calm emotions.

Chinese Medicine can also help babies: it reinforces the constitution, consolidates the immune system, supports the development.

Paediatric Tuina is effective in the most common problems of the first year of life: night crying, infant abdominal colic, regurgitation, poor appetite, slow growth, respiratory disorders, atopic dermatitis.

At Xiaoxiao Clinic of Chinese Medicine for Children, Milan, we have designed a project to evaluate and treat infants conceived via ART according to Chinese Medicine.

The infants have a course of six treatments around the age of 4 and 12 months, and a follow-up session after one year.

The parents are taught a simple Pediatric Tuina sequence to apply daily.

ART babies & Chinese medicine”, Acu., n.20, 2018 (Reprinted with thanks to British Acupuncture Council’s member magazine)

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