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Paediatric Tuina



The seminar provides a framework for diagnosis and treatment with Paediatric Tuina,

for acupuncturists and tuina-shiatsu practitioners who have already a TCM training.

Paediatric Tuina it is extremely useful by itself or used together with acupuncture

It can be taught to the parents.




The training is focused on interaction and small groups, using problem-solving learning.





  • Physiology, aetiology, semeiotics, pathogenesis in children.

  • Diagnosis and main clinical patterns.

  • Treatment strategies.

  • Areas, lines and points of paediatric tuina.

  • Specific stimulations and massage techniques.

  • Treatment for the most common problems, as: fever, common cold, cough, asthma; infant abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea; poor appetite, lassitude; bed wetting; night crying, hyperactivity, attention deficit; retarded psycho-physical development.

  • Use of guasha, moxibustion, cupping, seven-star needle.

  • Discussion of case histories or treatment of little patients.

  • Training on how to teach the sequences to parents.





At the end of the 2-days course the participants are enabled to:

  • Differentiate the main clinical patterns.

  • Design a treatment, apply the stimulations and teach the sequence to the parents.

  • Remember name, technique and indications of about 40 methods/localizations.

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