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Shen - Psychic aspects in Chinese medicine: classical texts and contemporary practice


Sinological contribution by Laura Caretto

Churchill-Livingstone, 2007

Print ISBN: 9780443101816 - eBook ISBN: 9780702036859

Pages: 480


Shen explores psycho-emotional disorders from the perspective of Chinese Medicine.

The continuity between the emotional, mental and physical levels in Chinese Medicine make it a highly effective therapy to deal with altered shen and this book is constructed in such a way as to facilitate practitioner diagnosis and treatment.

Focussing on the psychological aspects of patients' conditions, the author draws upon the classical texts plus her own clinical experience to present diagnostic solutions, treatment protocols and point selections.

A wide range of classical sources are researched and the development of disease concepts and therapeutic approaches explored. The inclusion of contemporary contributions from subject specialists allows an integration of classical and contemporary thought.

The text is supplemented by extensive case studies and eight appendices, including an extensive Glossary.



  • Offers clinical guidelines for treating people with psycho-emotional symptoms

  • Includes researched material and clinical application concerning emotions and movement of qi, shen, hun, po, yi, zhi

  • Describes the causes and progression of psycho-emotional symptoms in terms of etiological and pathological mechanisms, specific symptoms and classical syndromes

  • Reflects on the patient-practitioner relationship

  • In-depth description of 29 clinical case studies, with discussion on points, on-going treatment and problematic situations.


"Shen: Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Chinese Medicine is more than an acupuncture book or a clinical text on how to treat psychological diseases. The authors, by connecting personal clinical experience and thorough study of classical texts, have created a model that shows how to develop Chinese medicine in the West. This is a very important achievement." From the Foreword by Volker Scheid

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